Processing Architecture

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Processing Architecture is an online resource in support of the Processing platform and its use by designers of physical objects and spaces. Processing is an open source visualization software developed at the MIT Media Lab by Ben Fry and Casey Reas. You can download Processing at

ComputationalGeometry for P5

This library provides Processing support for dynamic mesh generation and rendering, including isometric contours and surfaces, boundary hulls and skeletons. Isometric shapes are defined "implicitly" and are representative of threshold conditions within a gradient and can be realized at any level of detail. They are often used to represent heights in a topographic map, mesh reconstructions from MRI scans, proteins surface models and pressure lines in weather maps. This implementation works in a meta-ball modeling framework but also alows you to override the underlying grid with outside data.
You can download the library here.

#Tinycode Project

Tweeting complete Processing sketches, with the limitation of only 140 characters. Search for #tinycode or #tc hashtag. What can be made in a single line of code? To run these sketches, paste the code into Processing and press 'Run'.
You can view the project here.

Kaizen Studio Toys

The "Computing Kaizen" studio explored evolutionary architectural structures and their potential to anticipate change and internalize complex relationships. The studio used Processing, an open source platform for writing computational "sketches", to create intelligent building blocks that could self-organize into innovative forms. The interactive toys presented here are derived from the custom software written by the studio participants.

Follow the project here.

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